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The Sad, Sad Truth…

The unfortunate truth about the ‘make money online’ Internet Marketing industry is that there is a whole load of hype and over-promising and under-delivering.

And to be honest, I’m quite miffed about it.

That is a polite British way to say I’m highly annoyed about it. It is so damaging, it makes people so jaded and wary of other human beings who might potentially be able to help them.

And the thing is, it is completely unnecessary – IF the product being sold actually does what they say it should do!

I have personally purchased products which I KNEW were complete hype – just to see how over-promised they were. Call it personal intrigue. I purchased one like this recently.

And double-insult-to-injury – on the sales page in their sales video, they outlined how their product did the whole process of marketing, from start to finish (in this case a Clickbank marketing product) and how I didn’t need to do anything as it was all automated – then immediately after purchasing, tried to UPsell me the addon extras which made the purchased software actually automated!

Of course, with this dodgy Clickback-marketing product, I made sure I got a refund for this over-hyped piece of junk. I don’t believe in asking for a refund most of the time, if I got any level of benefit or value from a product – but if the only value I got was a lesson in how bad some marketing is and how low some people or companies will stoop just to get a sale – that is not a ‘value lesson’ I am prepared to pay the offending party money for.

You can be sure enough that I made sure everyone within our company including myself, since then have nothing further to do with that particular marketer – everyone unsubscribed and deleted all emails we ever got from them.

Case closed.

Why? Ethics

So this is just a small glimpse of the ethics and ethos and thought process of where I instil within our Proper Profits team.

No ‘over-promise, under-deliver’.

I simply tell you straight – what works, and what doesn’t.

There is some thinking involved.  As much as possible, the rest is mechanics.

“Put this bit there. Put that bit over there.”

A bit like following Lego or Meccano instructions (and hopefully simpler) !

Just simply what WORKS.


To put this in perspective for you, I have been full time online for since 2001 (I’m struggling to remember back that far!).  My name is Duncan Elliott

I’ve built and currently own 3 successful businesses.  One of which you can see here at OutsourcingExposed.com and ExpertTeam.tv (we help entrepreneurs and online marketers like you find skilled outsource staff to help run your business for you).

Rather than duplicate info on ‘who the hell am I’, read the homepage at OutsourcingExposed.com to find out.


One thing I want to make really clear here.  I am a no-fluff, no-B.S. kind of guy.  And I will only be telling you about the stuff we have PROVEN.  If a product has just launched, you wont hear me shouting “buy, buy, buy” – because how on earth do I know, hand on heart, if it works?

So what this site is about, is me, as a successful businessman, simply outlining techniques, tools, strategies, methods, software etc, which we have either proven to work (and therefore recommended) or  proven to fail (so steer clear!)

By the way, I have automated my main business (which is totally unrelated to the ‘make money online’ industry) using systemized outsourcing, to a level where now I can opt to let it run itself. I can push it harder and get involved if I want – or I can stand back and let it happily progress, slowly growing, being run by my team (and yes, later I will show you how to get to this point).

So right here, I simply want to show you what we’ve found that works, what’s cool, and what to steer clear of.

See you on the inside

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